Launched in 2015 by Bathroom & Kitchen Update Magazine, the BKU Awards are designed to recognise the retailers, brands, people and services that make this industry great.

Taking part is simple.

You can enter your company, one of your employees or yourself for an award in each of the relevant categories.

You can also nominate other companies and individuals for a BKU AWARD.

If you are a supplier, you might like to tell us about a retailer that’s doing a fabulous job.

If you are a retailer, you might like to tell us about the brands are working hard for you.

This all happens via one simple online form and what’s more, it’s free.

Entries and nominations must meet the necessary criteria to be allowed through to the voting stage.

A secure online voting process will produce five finalists in each category, with the winners being those who have attracted the most votes overall.

The BKU Awards 2017 will return to London on Thursday 22 June.